Luxury Retailers Counting Down the Days for Resaca Market to Open Their Doors

Resaca Market, a 500,000 square-foot master planned lifestyle complex located in Edinburg, Texas in the heart of the Rio Grande Valley, is slated to become the region’s premier destination for shopping, dining, entertainment, living and working. Casual, elegant, vibrant and dynamic, its innovative concept and unique architectural design pay tribute to the Valley’s rich farming and agricultural history. An environment that reflects the natural beauty of the area and celebrates the deep roots of the local culture, Resaca Market is a place where people will experience something very unique in the Valley. It is a destination that promises to add a new dimension to the marketplace. Harmoniously designed with an agriculture theme of silos, grain elevators and other farm implements, Resaca Market skillfully integrates natural water features, bridges, palm trees and bicycle paths with nationally known retail brand stores, trendy boutiques, local and international dining, movie theaters, concerts, music and other entertainment venues. It also includes condominium lofts, state-of-the-art office space and a hotel complex, all in a pedestrian-friendly setting.


Valley Farmers, Valley Developers Burns Brothers, LTD is a local development firm headed by Kent Burns. With a family history rooted in Valley agriculture and business, the firm is dedicated to reinvesting in the same community that has supported their South Texas farming operations for three generations. The early 2000’s brought urban sprawl and, with it, came issues which made farming the 726 acre farm, now known as La Sienna, much more difficult. A decision was made at this time to either sell the tract or develop it. It made sense for the Burns to convert the farm to modern development. The brothers had learned a great deal about land development from their late father, Bill Burns, who developed upscale Orangewood, Orangewood South and Orangewood East in neighboring McAllen. Thus, in 2005, with a desire to establish a beautiful setting for raising Valley families, Burns Brothers, LTD created La Sienna, a 726-acre master planned community in North Edinburg. Farming operations of 726 acre tract were moved to the family’s 10,000 acre state-of-the-art ranch, 3 miles to the North. La Sienna, situated in a prime location along U.S. Expressway 281, now designated Interstate I 69, was improved by installing the drainage and utilities to develop commercial tracts, two gated, private subdivisions, clubhouse, swimming pool, walking trails, private park and three miles of roadway landscaped with ponds and trees. Resaca Market at La Sienna is the slated commercial district.